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I have almost finished reading all the lectures of the first level course that is offered for free on Wealthy Affiliate. I did that last night. The website is impressive. It is owned by two online marketers Carson and Kyle. They founded it in 2005. The website teaches people how to develop an online business through a set of tutorials. Reiterated, I have finished reading the first set of ten tutorials and they were quite lucid and informative. They teach you things like how to get a website up and running in minutes. 
As I woke up this morning, one of the first things I had in my mind was that how can I benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. Although I did have an idea in my mind after all due to which I had read through wealthy affiliate. But that idea was not to become wealthy at least.
So a few ideas sparked in my mind. One was Aqua-ponics. I don’t know if I have spelt the phenomenon right. But this technology gives a person a utility to build a small home-based orchard along with a fish aquarium. The fertile water of the fish tank would be used to irrigate the vegetable of that small orchard. I attended a small presentation about it the other day. I do not know that from where did I get the link. I presume that the project is somewhat like having a rooftop garden, albeit with a few technical glitches involved. The idea is really cool though.
But what does that have to do with Wealthy Affiliate. The link between aqua-ponics and wealthy affiliate does not make much sense. But then the ultimate idea sparked in my mind. The idea is that as wealthy affiliate helps people in developing their personal online marketing business, one can leverage from the services, tips and tricks of wealthy affiliate to develop a similar sort of a business that would help them in building their home-based business. I presume there is dire need for such an idea for multiple reasons. I think that I had what one may call a eureka moment when I conceived this idea in my mind. I am thankful to Allah for this.
The first thing is that there is a lot of unemployment in the whole world. Worst downsizing has been observed by many companies around the globe in the last 3-4 years. These are years of economic recession. Moreover, I read an article on LinkedIn a few days back that was suggesting that the concept of jobs would vanish in the next five to ten years. The article proposed that as opportunities for working from home would grow, more people would become interested in working from home instead of  finding a place to work where they would have to commute to work everyday. Indeed, I also read another article, again on LinkedIn, the other day that projected correlations between divorce rate and the time it is required commute to work. There was a strong positive correlation. The author suggested that people should take a few days off from work. In any case that is the whole idea, that is to facilitate people who want to work from home.
I presume that the idea I am suggesting is not novel at all. Rather it would be naive to assume that nobody is working on it. But I am sure that there is a great deal of room of improvement in it. The other day I was discussing with a friend of mine that LinkedIn which is the world’s largest professional network and it also has a very nice job board, is still not extremely applicant friendly even though it has evolved to a great deal recently. For instance, one of the irking things is that as soon you find a job that matches your qualifications and suits your interests, you can still be directed to a company website where you have to fill in a new profile afresh. I presume that such things distract attention badly. But LinkedIn is a professional network and professional are expected to be industrious!
However, there is no such thing on the web for sweater weavers and banana sellers. It would be a great idea to develop an internet business that helps people in building home-based businesses. I think there is a dire need for good online marketing strategies that may help in promoting work from home business. The need is dire specially given the fact that there are roughly 800,000 unemployed people in the United States, and the things are also not as good as ever in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
One last thing, if this idea that I have given above is so great then why have not I kept it a secret? I could myself start such an internet based business after all! I think that the answer is something what a friend of mine said to me a long time a go when I requested him to jealously guard our idea for a new script for a theatrical play. He said that hiding ideas inhibits the process of creativity. That was quite altruistic on his part when he used to share his ideas with others. But I do not have completely altruistic purposes in disclosing this idea, no matter how old or well-known it really is. Another reason why I am sharing this is that I am not that sort of a geek with computers after all as much as you guys may be out there and so I might not close the loop very tightly on this idea. Have a great weekend!

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