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A review of applications of artificial intelligence in cardiorespiratory rehabilitation

Implementations of artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming commonplace in multiple application domains. This is in part due to advan…


Detection of tool wear during machining by designing a novel 12-way 2-shot learning model by applying L2-regularization and image augmentation – The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Tool wear monitoring is regarded as an incredibly important aspect of improving the surface integrity of machined components in the manufacturing sector. This research study performed operations using twelve different types of drilling and milling tools. The worn tools ranging from grade-1 to grade-5 were categorized based on tool wear severity by measuring the flank wear land width of each tool.


GELAB – The Cutting Edge of Grammatical Evolution

The advent of cloud-based super-computing platforms has given rise to a Data Science (DS) boom. Many types of technological problems that were once considered prohibitively expensive to tackle are now candidates for exploration. Machine Learning (ML) tools that were valued only in academic environments are quickly being embraced by industrial giants and tiny startups alike.

Time is on the Side of Grammatical Evolution – IEEE Conference Publication

The computational complexity of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) is a well-known concern. This paper is concerned with the resource consumption of GELAB, a novel Grammatical Evolution (GE) system implemented in Matlab.

Analysis of Diversity in Grammatical Evolution – IEEE Conference Publication

Diversity is a much sought after aspect of any evolutionary system. More diversity means a cornucopia of diverse behaviors and traits among the individuals of a population. Lack of diversity, on the other hand, leads to a stagnant population whose individuals are more or less similar to each other.

Neural Correlates of Experience – IEEE Conference Publication

Experience is luscious! Experienced people who act spontaneously in any feat are considered attractive, draw attention, receive praise, and have many admirers. Whether an experienced person is a speaker, a teacher, a driver or a sportsman, dexterity has its own swag. It is well known that human faculties are controlled and monitored by the brain.

Running to Get Recognized

This research investigates the use of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and specifically, You Only Look Once ver. 4 (YOLOv4) to detect Racing Bib Numbers (RBNs) in images from running races and then to recognise the actual numbers using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques.

Recurrent Neural Network based Automated Workload Forecasting in a Contact Center – IEEE Conference Publication

In a contact center, Customer Service Agents (CSAs) provide product support or valuable information to customers.

Devising Technical Trading Rules for Pakistan Stock Exchange using Genetic Programming – IEEE Conference Publication

The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) suggests that a stock market behaves like a random walk which means that developing profitable trading rules and forecasting the trends would be impossible.

Trading Cryptocurrency with Deep Deterministic Policy Gradients

Evan Tummon Muhammad Adil Raja Conor Ryan Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 12489) The volatility incorporated in cryptocurrency prices makes it difficult to earn a profit through day trading. Usually, the best strategy is to buy a cryptocurrency and hold it until the price rises over a long period.

GELAB and Hybrid Optimization Using Grammatical Evolution

Muhammad Adil Raja Aidan Murphy Conor Ryan Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 12489) Grammatical Evolution (GE) is a well known technique for program synthesis and evolution. Much has been written in the past about its research and applications.

The Impact of Human Development on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Approach

38 Pages Posted: 24 Feb 2020 Date Written: January 28, 2020 The development of its people is one of the principal objectives of an economy. To the ambit that greater capabilities and opportunities will improve the productivity of people, human development is also expected to have a positive influence on economic growth.

FUSCD – Future Smart Car Driver – IEEE Conference Publication

Autonomous driving is one of the newly emerging feats in artificial intelligence (AI). The challenge in developing autonomous cars is to design controllers

Evolving MIMO multi-layered artificial neural networks using grammatical evolution

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Neural Correlates of Belief – IEEE Conference Publication

Much of the degeneration of the human condition is attributed to religion. As we move in the midst of the twenty first century, enjoying the cornucopia len

On the Experience of Wrapping Beagle Puppy for Octave – IEEE Conference Publication

Open Beagle is a well-known framework for evolutionary computation. A miniature version of it is Beagle Puppy. Puppy allows running genetic programming (GP

GELAB – A Matlab Toolbox for Grammatical Evolution

In this paper, we present a Matlab version of libGE. libGE is a famous library for Grammatical Evolution (GE). GE was proposed initially in [1] as a tool for automatic programming. Ever since then,…


Evolution of Mona Lisa with Pablo Picasso’s paintings – IEEE Conference Publication

In recent years, design of artistic artifacts using machine learning (ML) techniques has become a major feat. Artificial creation of artistic artifacts inv

A tutorial on simulating unmanned aerial vehicles – IEEE Conference Publication

This paper presents our reflections about our recent, intense involvement with the simulation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our idea was to integrate

Evolving Technical Trading Strategies Using Genetic Algorithms: A Case About Pakistan Stock Exchange

Finding optimum trading strategies that maximize profit has been a human desire since the inception of the first stock market. Many techniques have been employed ever since to accomplish this goal…

No Title

On Losses, Pauses, Jumps, and the Wideband E-Model | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore

No Title

NUAV – a testbed for developing autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

No Title

Simulators as Drivers of Cutting Edge Research | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

Evolutionary speech quality estimation in VoIP
A Methodology for Deriving VoIP Equipment Impairment Factors for a Mixed NB/WB Context

Real-Time, Non-intrusive Speech Quality Estimation: A Signal-Based Mod
Real-Time, Non-intrusive Evaluation of VoIP

VoIP speech quality estimation in a mixed context with genetic programming

An Evolutionary Approach to Speech Quality Estimation

Real-Time Non-Intrusive VoIP Evaluation Using Second Generation Network Processor
Non-intrusive quality evaluation of VoIP using genetic programming


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