My Kites

kites photoI have had to develop quite a few presentations in the past. For some of them, I was compelled to develop them as I had to deliver them at seminars and conferences. I also developed a few others only because I found the whole exercise of developing presentations quite fascinating.

I used LaTeX’s beamer package to develop most of my presentations. And with the beamer you can develop colorful presentations. With the power of LaTeX, you can also add images and equations to the presentations in ways that the whole content would be absolutely aligned and sticking together in a nice way. And this is the reason I got so much involved with presentation building exercise so intensely. Due to the splendid colors rendered by Beamer, I have chosen to call my presentations kites. You might like them as well. Just have a look below. You can find many more on my slideshare channel simply by following one of the links below.

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