• Calculus Demystified

    The really basic thing about calculus that we are not taught in Pakistan is that differentiation is tantamount to computing point by point differences and

  • A Few Thoughts About Conquest of India

    I think such lies are being taught in Pakistan that Muslims took over India and the Hindus were really benign and peaceful. I think this

  • When Hope Can be Wrong

    Hope is taught as a great thing. Especially, when you are confronted with adversity, you can expect to receive this advice to be hopeful from

  • Is Good Better or the Great

    One thing that has baffled me for the better part of my life is the question that whether good is better or the great? I

  • A Cover Letter

    A few years back, I developed roaming researchers. For some odd reason, my website has gone offline. In that, I wrote about how to write

  • Evolving MIMO Multi-layered Artificial Neural Networks Using Grammatical Evolution

    Recently, we have been involved in developing a capacity for evolving artificial neural networks using Grammatical Evolution (GE). Our target was MIMO networks, as they

  • Legitimized Corruption

    One should not grow up to have ideological differences with power brokers. This kind of mindset has consequences on the human personality. For one thing,

  • Association Rule Mining Using Grammatical Evolution

    The human mind can be tricky. It can tend to do things that it should not be doing in a particular circumstance. There was a