• GELAB And Hybrid Optimization Using Grammatical Evolution

    Blizzard was released recently. This was the start of the second verion of GELAB. A major highlight of Blizzard is that it is capable of

  • Ramblings of a Wandering Mind

    One of my uncles has had a great influence on the way I have thought and acted in life. My uncle has happened to be

  • Blizzard is Released

    Recently, we committed a new release of GELAB. This is called Blizzard. A major highlight of this release is that GELAB can now perform hybrid

  • DSP of Billie Jean

    Recently I came across a problem in which I had to struggle to convince my audience as to why spectral analysis of audible sounds is

  • Human Development and Economic Growth

    We recently had a paper appear as a preprint on SSRN. This is about human development and economic growth. Please peruse! The Impact of Human

  • Calculus Demystified

    The really basic thing about calculus that we are not taught in Pakistan is that differentiation is tantamount to computing point by point differences and

  • A Few Thoughts About Conquest of India

    I think such lies are being taught in Pakistan that Muslims took over India and the Hindus were really benign and peaceful. I think this

  • When Hope Can be Wrong

    Hope is taught as a great thing. Especially, when you are confronted with adversity, you can expect to receive this advice to be hopeful from