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old books photoOver the last three to four years I have been attempting to write useful research proposals. The result of my efforts was that I came up with a few of them that I believe are quite nice. On this page you can find all of my research proposals. These could be equally useful for prospective employees and potential students to figure out what I really like to do.

My first research proposal is a general one and is about theory and applications of machine learning. This is also my primary research proposal. A good thing about this is that it has been thoroughly peer reviewed by people I know. All of them are obviously researchers. The only objection raised to it is that it is a bit too long. But I think that this is not something to worry about. It might be especially useful for students. It might help them in figuring out about the gamut of research interests I have and to find that what they might like to do if they want to work with me.

Having figured out for yourself that it is indeed quite long, you might be willing to find a quicker way to glance through my research interests. So please find below an abridged version of this statement of research interests.

The second research proposal I would like to share is about a hypothetical problem in financial modeling that could be solved using artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. I wrote this research proposal as part of my job application for EXAQIM research labs in Orleans, France. Unfortunately, I could not follow up properly on my job application at that time. This is something a job applicant has to be very careful about these days.

Once upon a time I got interested in studying Neuroscience. I am still fascinated about it and I would dearly like to pursue interesting problems in this domain. The following research proposal highlights my interest in this branch of knowledge.

I would also like to share my pseudo-research proposal. This research proposal highlights what could be various issues in developing home based businesses. This research proposal is a work in progress. Moreover, this also does not have any citations so far. I hope to add them in due course of time.

A research proposal about theory and applications of hyper-heuristics is as follows.

A research proposal about problems in renewable energy systems is as follows.

Similarly, a grant proposal for fast track deployment of renewable energy systems in various institutions in Pakistan is as follows.

A research proposal about water distribution networks is as follows.

Here is my research proposal that is aimed at civilian applications of unmanned aerial vehicles. I have been thinking about writing this for a long time. At last I managed to scribble a few lines.

Finally, my passion for improving agricultural systems is reflected in the following research proposal.

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