A Few Thoughts About Conquest of India

I think such lies are being taught in Pakistan that Muslims took over India and the Hindus were really benign and peaceful. I think this is a flawed world view. The present-day Indians (belonging to the upper castes) claim their descent from the Aryan race. They migrated to India a few thousand years ago. At that time India was largely inhabited by Dravids, another kind of race thing (now they really might have been peaceful and benign, as the excavations of Moenjo Daro and Harappa show that they were really civilized and not martial). So as the story goes, Aryans overtook India from Dravids and subjugated them as servile lower castes.

Hinduism is not peaceful in its central doctrine. Being a caste-oriented religion, I think that this is the only racist religion in the world. They are only peaceful till the time something mightier is in sight. This could be a great snake or a great army. Look at some of the religious customs in Hinduism, they are not peaceful at all.

Having said this, I have to agree that Muslims also did not overtake India with peaceful mechanisms or morally inspiring motives, as we are taught in our early education. Sometimes the invasions were quite opportunistic. This reminds me of the story of the conquest of the sub-continent by Muhammad Bin Qasim. I think that the version we are sold is not the right one.

But to say that Muslims always encroached on India! Well, that may be true to a certain extent. But look at this story that is extremely commonplace in our country about the invasions by Sultan Mehmood of Ghaznavi. He is really portrayed as a brutal man. However, the truth is that his father was attacked first by the Indian king Jayapaala due to fear of the formers growing power in Ghazni. It was the attack by Jayapaala that led to the famous battle of Peshawar and eventually to the seventeen attacks by the Sultan.

Having said this, Indians claim Indian territory to be as deep into Afghanistan as bordering Ghazni. This is true as well as that at many times during the course of history, parts of Afghanistan were under various Indian dominions. This brings me to the question, what are Pashtuns fighting for (I am talking about the separatists).

The truth is, as George Friedman quoted once upon a time, that there nobody on the planet who can rightfully claim a place to his race. Everyone everywhere is an immigrant.

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