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Today I decided that I would write a full fledged research proposal about neuroscience and human consciousness. I have been reading about this field for quite a bit of a time after all. So I opened my Latex editor and started writing down all of my thoughts about human consciousness. But while I was about to finish it I just thought for a moment that it is just another research proposal after all. At the best it may only win me another postdoc at best. And after finishing that I would be on my own once again about finding another postdoc. And the vicious cycle goes on. But research can be very charming and enticing at the same time too. Anyhow, I just thought for a moment that what if I put the same amount of effort in going solo that I would have exerted for doing a postdoc or any other research job? It is good to own a business after all where you don’t have to work for someone else. I do not have any business experience by the way. I have a fear that I would mess it up somehow. And that explains the endless procrastination about not attempting to start one.
I just made a casual google search with the phrase “How to become an online entrepreneur?”. I remember I came across the term online entrepreneurship a short time back. And I remember that it has got to do something with creating and managing a web based business. It can be a difficult thing to do indeed, specially if you do not have any prior experience in it. Anyhow my search led me to the website of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate helps people in establishing their own online marketing business. I have already read through a few of their lessons on how to create an online business. Their free membership offers you to create two wordpress websites for free along with free web hosting. 
This is quite interesting. They also teach some other useful stuff such as search engine optimization (SEO). And how to have catchy menus on the website. The tutorials are really lucid. They encourage that the more effort you put, the more successful you may become in terms of making money. And then they also have a premium account. I presume that by becoming a premium member the chances of becoming wealthier increase. This is quite interesting. I wonder if the whole effort would be as much lucrative as it promises to be. But I guess that it is definitely worth giving a try.

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