Neural Correlates of Experience

I remember I wrote about spontaneity a few years back on this blog. I remember how I was thinking about it one day and eventually had my thoughts written down. You can read my article here. It so happened later that I was accosted by a few students. They wanted to work on their final year’s project and needed a great problem to work on. I gave them this idea to work on where experience is correlated in the human brain. Some of the work one of them did has now been published. You may find it quite interesting. I think it can lead to a few good problems to work on in the area of neuroscience. If you are interested give me a shout. It is possible that I or Ali Kumail (one of the important people who worked on this project) can help you work on a great project.

Neural Correlates of Experience – IEEE Conference Publication

Experience is luscious! Experienced people who act spontaneously in any feat are considered attractive, draw attention, receive praise, and have many admirers. Whether an experienced person is a speaker, a teacher, a driver or a sportsman, dexterity has its own swag. It is well known that human faculties are controlled and monitored by the brain.

Photo by Fabio Rage

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