Easiest Thing in the World

I meet many people who are bewildered about their future plans. Due to lack of better ideas, they try to sneak into whatever work roles are available, and that can help them fetch some lucre. Although any work should be adopted as a profession, so long as it is legitimate. And so long as a job is legitimate and ethically respectable, it is fine to adopt it. But sometimes I meet well-educated people who are at the brink of giving up on their professions. The reasons for giving up are normally not always a lack of available jobs, or low salaries, personal incompetence. A common and weird reason is that the subject does not find hir (or her) profession thrilling. To my surprise, I have met a handful of people who want to quit computer science and take up something else. They find it too mundane and sometimes too demanding a profession that does not pay off so well at the end of the day too.

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