End the Extension Legacy

Extension legacy of the chief of the army staff (COAS) of our country really needs to be buried. There are loads of supposedly capable generals present in the army at all the times. Why lean on just one general for another three years? Moreover, appoint a general as a chief for three years and he will behave like a soldier. Extend him for another three years, and he will tend to act like Joseph Stalin. And he will conspire to achieve another three years to project additional Stalininism. Why all of this matters to ordinary Pakistanis? This bothers in every bit to ordinary Pakistanis. Pakistan’s political temperament is largely democratic. Pakistan is also a stated Islamic republuc. Even if this was not the case, long martial laws have proven to them that they would be better off with democracy. One thing anyone could be sure of is that, like hell, Pakistanis know how to love and then hate a government. So if they want to get rid of a bad government, they can ditch her. But factor in an ugly duckling sort of a COAS who has already been tenured for an additional three years or vying for another term, all hell breaks loose for Pakistani people as to how to ditch a bad government or ditch a new one. The last thing is the need of a seasoned general to help with the so-called fifth generation warfare, as the term has been coined by the folks in the army already. The answer to this question is that the fifth generation warfare is largely asymmetric in nature and cannot benefit much from the experience of an over-seasoned rapidly aging man. And yes, let’s not forget to get our money back from this fleeing crook.

Extension legacy

LAST Tuesday marked an unenviable end to six years of near-absolute power. Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa would not have wanted to go as he did, spurned by friend and foe alike. Even the general public – usually so enamoured of men in uniform – seemed unforgiving as he hung up his boots, with many taking to social media to express their criticism.

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