Roaming Researchers

A few months ago I thought about finding a way to create online classrooms. This idea was the result of the necessity to teach. As I pursued the thought train, I was compelled to think about more ways in which the process of teaching, and of course learning, could be made interesting for everyone. One of the child ideas was to teach students to become researchers through an online learning management system. As a result of this and other similar ideas I ended up developing roaming researchers. Some of my ideas were vivid while others were vague, some were easy to implement while others require profound technical expertise in various feats.

In any case, I did manage to write around 22 lessons on roaming researchers. These fall under the course titled research methods 1. I presume that this should be a basic preliminary course for anyone who intends to pursue a career in scientific and technical research. The course begins with simple writing assignments and then moves on to more involved topics such as how to write a research proposal or to create a CV. The course gradually becomes more advanced by inclusion of research papers from various scientific disciplines with various ideas and applications. The basic idea is to inspire awe in the student’s thought process.

One of the things that I found very helpful was that I did all my work in wordpress. I still have to come to grips with so many things about it. But I presume that this is not a bad start. Over the coming months I hope to be able to add more courses on it such as computer networks, machine learning, and also research methods 2; a more advanced version of the preliminary research methods 1.

The work that I hope to be doing here is not supposed to be haphazard or representing a lack of better ideas. I hope to be able to evolve this course with a certain philosophy in my mind, specially concerning the education of science and engineering. For instance, one of the lessons in this regard titled Our Philosophy is particularly worth reading. This would depict what, if any, the agenda of Roaming Researchers should be.

I initially hosted the course on Then I moved it to a self hosted website that is hosted at Hourb. Eventually, I have hosted it on Hostinger, which I think is a far better choice for web hosting, free or otherwise.

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