My Ideal Pakistan

royal mosque lahore photoMy little nephew is in China nowadays. He was asked to write a short essay about his vision of an ideal Pakistan. Here is what he wrote:

Pakistan was founded in 1947. Having said that, it has been precisely 67 years when Pakistan came into being. Ever since then we have failed to envisage what our ideal Pakistan should exactly be like. Many have argued that Pakistan should be a secular state. At the same time myriad of people have insisted that it should be an increasingly religious Islamic state. The truth is that most of the people of Pakistan are still absolutely bemused about what an ideal Pakistan should be like. This bewilderment is a great cause for the chaos our beloved country Pakistan is facing at the moment.

While our homeland is trying to cope up with the innate turbulence that has become its integral characteristic, I yearn to envision what my idea Pakistan should actually be like. So, given this concern, here are my few thoughts about how Pakistan should be like.

First of all, I would want our beloved country to be an increasingly Islamic republic. The obvious reason for this is that Islam is the true religion of God (Allah). I would cut this point short here for the purpose of brevity. The keen reader should take a course in theology to understand why this argument is absolutely axiomatic.

But the Islamic state I envision is quite different from the current state of affairs that prevail in Pakistan that represent it rather grotesquely both at home and abroad. The first thing I would like to have in my ideal Pakistan is a complete absence of terrorism. This is to say that my ideal Pakistan should not have domestic terrorism which has become a cause of great strife for its inhabitants. Added to this, and equally important, is that my ideal Pakistan should not be a source of projecting terrorism and fear in any possible form overseas. Our homeland should not be used as a launching pad for terrorist activities in any possible form. To the contrary, my ideal Pakistan would be a land that resonates love and compassion globally.

I would like to extend my discourse beyond terrorism to more minute, but related, issues that, if not addressed, would have grave consequences in preventing our homeland from becoming an ideal state.

My ideal Pakistan should be extremely egalitarian. There should be equal rights for women and children, young and senile, illiterate and the so-called clergy, and equally importantly, Muslims and non-Muslims.

In order to achieve this my ideal Pakistan would have very strong institutions. Institutions that cannot deliver the due rights to the people, are badly ravaged due to corruption, in which bribery prevails, are not befitting for my vision of an ideal Pakistan.

In my ideal Pakistan every individual should have access to the most modern means of education. Education, I believe, is the right driving factor for building a state that is ideal, that emanates love and not hatred, that echoes peace and not terrorism, that propagates harmony and not turmoil. In short my ideal Pakistan would be a peaceful country as envisioned by the true teachings of the divine religion of Islam.

Photo by W Mustafeez

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