libGE Comes to Java

This post is about libGE, a famous software for grammatic evolution. The original software is written in C++ and can be found here. For a long time, I used to think that it would be nice to have it in Java. So there is a java version of it now that you can find below.



libGEjava – A framework for Grammatical Evolution in Java. This is based on the original source code of GE in C++.

This version of libGE is simply a code-level translation of the original libGE that was written in C++. As a matter of fact, I initiated the translation in August, 2007. I even completed most of the translation at that time. However, for some good reasons, I had to abandon it. I reverted back to it a while ago and here we have a working piece of code. You can clone it and open it in NetBeans IDE. The idea now is to use it in a more productive way. I shall say more about it later on.

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