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One of the nicest things about any blog post is the image associated it with. An image galres up the whole thing as well as can be used to enhance the context of the post. It can have many benefits indeed. It makes the whole thing look glamourous. It is a great way to catch the attention of the reader. It is icing on the cake. The list goes on.

I have been using a lot of images for my posts. Initially I was only using images from the Tom and Jerry website to make my posts appear funny, simple and nostalgic in some sense. Then I started using images of all types. Sometimes I see that I am getting them off from other blogs. I believe that images that we use for our blog posts should not defy norms of decency.
Recently I read somewhere that a person was looking for free images on the web. Does this mean that all the images we download from the Internet or find through search engines are not free. I’d rather that they are all not free. But how can one get a free image to attach to a post. Are there any specific websites or methods?

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