Association Rule Mining Using Grammatical Evolution

The human mind can be tricky. It can tend to do things that it should not be doing in a particular circumstance. There was a presentation in our group today. My mind tended to look out at the trees and wander. Immediately I warned myself that I should not be doing that and instead I should try to listen to the presentation even if I had to feign that. It is not nice to appear absentminded in front of a dozen people who are ready to pay attention to something important.

The presentation was about an application of association rule mining for predicting road accidents. Initially, I kept sitting dumb and idle. It was a bit hard to recall how association rule mining worked. After a while, as the presentation progressed, as a few people asked questions and especially as my own mind started generating questions about the work and association rule mining, I became a lot more engaged in the discourse.

A great conversation took place. Some people were actually doing the job of requesting others to stop asking too many questions. Too many questions definitely overwhelm the speaker. But isn’t it a good practice to face so many questions so as to develop experience in giving answers. Politicians are really adept at that. And this is possibly why they have great fortunes.

Given the current state of the art of the algorithm, I found it a bit clumsy. Well, it is a nice algorithm indeed in the sense that it figures out relationships within variables of a multi-dimensional dataset. But I think it could be improved.

My idea was to employ grammatical evolution to automate, upstage or drastically improve the algorithm. I personally think it could be good. To support my argument, I am sharing a related article that was published at a nice venue. Please give it a read. And yes, if you find this idea fascinating and want to work on it with me, please give me a shout. I think a nice FYP or even a postgraduate thesis could be drawn out from this.


An Intrusion-Detection Model Based on Fuzzy Class-Association-Rule Mining Using Genetic Network Programming – IEEE Journals & Magazine

As the Internet services spread all over the world, many kinds and a large number of security threats are increasing. Therefore, intrusion detection system

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