• Democratic Something

    Now, this is very crucial advice from Russell. Russell lived on this planet for almost a century. During his lifetime he also studied various political

  • A Review of the Emotion Machine

    I finished reading the emotion machine at last today. I wrote a review of it on goodreads. You may kindly peruse the review here. The

  • The Cutting Edge of Grammatical Evolution

    Recently we had an article about GELAB published in IEEE Access. This talks about all the fancy features of the toolbox as well as presents

  • Time is on the Side of Grammatical Evolution

    Recently we tried to estimate how much time it may consume to run GELAB in Matlab. There is this strong notion that Matlab would be

  • Analysis of Diversity in Grammatical Evolution

    Recently we worked together to analyse population diversity in a grammatical evolution environment. Our paper was published ina nice conference. You may want to have

  • Neural Correlates of Experience

    I remember I wrote about spontaneity a few years back on this blog. I remember how I was thinking about it one day and eventually

  • Running to Get Recognized

    Recently I worked with a Masters student, who later became a good friend, on the idea of using computer vision techniques for bib number identification.

  • Automated Workload Forecasting

    Recently a student of mine worked on automated workload forecasting in a call center. The idea was to match a caller or a client to