• Neural Correlates of Belief

    We have been working on some of Sam Harris’s Ph.D. thesis. The idea is to see how religious beliefs affect consciousness. Here is our research

  • Mummifying Content

    A friend posted a rather long status update on Facebook. People conceive ideas and they feel compelled to convey them to others. The irony of

  • Puppy in Octave

    Almost two years ago, we started working on an idea to bring machine learning algorithms in languages and frameworks such as Octave and Matlab. The

  • GELAB is Published Work

    I posted quite a lot oabout libGE in the past. Finally I said that libGE goes to Mathworks. We renamed libGE to GELAB, as it is in Matlab.

  • Not So Cool!

    I can be a weird thinker at times. I have to spend considerable time in solitude. Solitude is better for me, even if I don’t

  • NUAV Testbed Is in Public Domain

    Hi all, Long time no see! I am making NUAV testbed public. You can now clone the repository and play with the testbed. Adil Raja

  • My Two Cents for the Separatists

    A few days ago, I saw a comment on a friend’s wall on facebook. It had stuff about provincial autonomy, injustice, inequality and separatism in

  • Improving the Website of Ubqari

    I have a nice idea for an FYP or a web development project. The idea is to upgrade or improve the website of Ubqari. In

Evolution of Mona Lisa

Recently, I had an opportunity to attend a conference. The conference, code named iCoMET, was held in IBA Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan. We presented our work about evolution of Mona Lisa using an evolutionary algorithm. The presentation

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A Tutorial on Simulating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

I remember I posted something about our work that got published on UAVs. Here is another article that got published recently. Since we’d been working in this area for quite some time, we thought about

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Evolving Technical Trading Strategies Using Genetic Algorithms: A Case About Pakistan Stock Exchange

When Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, and he had a great fall, all the king’s men and horses couldn’t put him together again. But we sat together and patched a great algorithm for predicting

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Permutations and Combinations

Talk about permutations and combinations can be scary. I was in an interview a couple of years back, and one of the interviewers brought up this question about the difference between the two. Although, I

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On Gradient, Divergence and Curl

Recently I have been baffled by gradient, divergence, and curl. All of these include partial derivatives. Although I am comfortable with gradient, I am still wondering what divergence and curl are useful for. More importantly,

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Software Requirements Specification

A software requirements specification (abbreviated as SRS) is an extremely crucial document that should be prepared in the specification phase of a software development life cycle. Here you can find links to what it looks

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Calculus Resources

Here I have gathered some invaluable online resources for learning calculus. Video Lectures | Single Variable Calculus | Mathematics | MIT OpenCourseWare This section contains the video index and videos for the various topics of

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Differential Equations

I have to teach engineering mathematics soon. Much of it revolves around the development, manipulation, and solution of differential equations. In this post, I have gathered good resources just for this purpose. Following are a

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