Software Application Integration

Sometimes we need to integrate different software applications together. The applications may have been implemented using the same programming language or different technologies. A good example of such a requirement is when you want to integrate a machine learning algorithm implemented in Java, such as many of them implemented in ECJ, with a mobile agent systems simulator, such as MASON.

The problem of software application integration can be made a lot more easier if some prior homework is done on the ideas about what tools are required and available for such a task. This article is written in this wake. It points to the various Software Integration Frameworks that are implemented in various technologies and are open-source. Following is a list of useful frameworks.

  1. MuleESB.
  2. UltraESB.
  3. Apache Camel.
  4. Mule Soft.
  5. Open Adaptor.
  6. Open ESB.
  7. Petals ESB.
  8. Virtuoso Universal Server.
  9. RabbitMQ.

More details of software application integration can be found here.

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