Apache Camel and Software Integration

I wrote an article recently about my musings for software application integration. I also listed a set of tools that can be useful for this. Ever since I have been reading up on the web about various tools that could be used for software integration. I would like to mention MuleSoft’s AnyPoint Studio, Talend’s ESB, RabbitMQ implemented as a charm for juju, and Apache Camel. I have been reading about apache camel more thoroughly and in this article I am listing various tutorials and demos that can be useful in learning about how Apache Camel can be useful for software integration and dovetailing.


  1. A somewhat exhaustive list of tutorial articles about Apache Camel.
  2. An extremely nice article about open-source software integration with Camel. This tutorial illustrates how you can create integrations with Apache Camel without substantial coding in Eclipse IDE and Fuse IDE.
  3. Using NetBeans to create an Apache Camel Project.
  4. Using NetBeans to create an Apache Camel Project without Spring dependency.
  5. Getting started with Apache Camel using Java.
  6. Tutorial: Integrating with Apache camel.
  7. When to Use Apache Camel.
  8. Java Tip: Write an SOA Integration Layer With Apache Camel.
  9. Apache Camel Book in One Page.
  10. Enterprise Integration Patterns – The book. These patterns are already implemented by Apache Camel, but it important to know what they can accomplish for the software engineer.


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