Using TORCS With Matlab and Simulink

TORCS (The Open Racing Car Simulator) is possibly the most well known simulator for simulating racing cars. It is written in C++. It is a 3D car racing simulator. It is also used by the simulated car racing competition, hosted annually by GECCO.


GECCO 2015

This is CBBOC’s inaugural year. It’s designed to provide the GECCO community with detailed performance comparisons of a wide variety of meta-heuristics and hyper-heuristics on combinatorial problems, where the real-world problems which induce combinatorial problems have been categorized into those with no training time (good fit for out-of-the-box algorithms such as the Parameter-less Population Pyramid), those with short training time (good fit for typical evolutionary algorithms), and those with long training time (good fit for hyper-heuristics).


The TORCS simulator also has an interface for Matlab and Simulink. This means that controllers can be developed for TORCS using Matlab. Using Matlab simply means that the whole hassle of interfacing with TORCS should become a lot easier. The source code is present at GitHub.


TORCSLink – An interface between The Open Source Race Car Simulator (TORCS) and MATLAB/Simulink (or anything else…)

TORCS is also available through Ubuntu’s software center. You can install it from here.


TORCS, The Open Racing Car Simulator, is a car racing simulation, which allows you to drive in races against opponents simulated by the computer. You can also develop your own computer-controlled driver (also called a robot) in C or C++. TORCS is GPL (version 2 or later).

The following video shows how TORCS works on a user’s desktop.


Photo by SFB579 Namaste

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