Bash Configuration Files and Makefiles

Following are some nice lecture slides about various bash configuration files, such as .profile, .bash_profile, .bashrc etc.


Bash Configurations Demystified

A few tutorials on make files are in order.



This is a good make file tour, I am somehow having trouble embedding it.


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The most simple Makefile for compiling a C (or C++) program from a single .c file, with make and make clean rules, looks something like this (remember to add a TAB character before the command part): # build an executable named myprog from myprog.c all: myprog.c gcc -g -Wall -o


Java and Makefiles

Yes you can write and use makefiles to build java applications. If you have never used Makefiles, first read the Makefile basics documentation. Below is a more complicated example Makefile for a java program (it is harder to read, but easier to use and modify in this form).

Java Makefile Examples

Java Makefile Examples


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