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This post contains links to valuable resources about interfacing with Flightgear. The resources are primarily developed in Java.

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The following piece of code sounds quite valuable.


FlightGearMap – An Atlas-like application for Android



Automatically exported from

Telnet usage –

A connection to the server can be done using a telnet client or opening a simple socket from any program. Multiple connection are possible at the same time.

Howto:Making HTTP Requests from Nasal – FlightGear wiki

Demonstrate how to make HTTP requests from FlightGear without touching the C++ code, just by editing some XML/script files, in order to connect FlightGear to a web service and exchange arbitrary data (including FlightGear properties) between a web server and FlightGear.

SquawkGear – FlightGear wiki

You can find all needed downloads and a good description how to do the setup at With Squawkbox 747 you show up as a Boeing 747 on VATSIM. Because of this you may want to use Squawkgear only in connection with airliner aircrafts to avoid confusions.


flightgear-autopilot – FlightGear Autopilot experiments

You will find this handy to invoke the flightgear http daemon from within Matlab and have a look at the property tree through the Matlab browser.

Web Browsers and MATLAB – MATLAB & Simulink

Web sites and documents can display in several different browsers from MATLAB.

Property Tree/Web Server – FlightGear wiki

While working on the new radio/atis implementation, Torsten rediscovered the internal httpd (aka webserver) to browse the property tree. It’s much easier to have multiple browser windows open and point to various locations in the property tree than to reopen the internal property browser and navigate to the locations after each sim restart.

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