• Puppy in Octave

    Almost two years ago, we started working on an idea to bring machine learning algorithms in languages and frameworks such as Octave and Matlab. The

  • GELAB is Published Work

    I posted quite a lot oabout libGE in the past. Finally I said that libGE goes to Mathworks. We renamed libGE to GELAB, as it is in Matlab.

  • Not So Cool!

    I can be a weird thinker at times. I have to spend considerable time in solitude. Solitude is better for me, even if I don’t

  • NUAV Testbed Is in Public Domain

    Hi all, Long time no see! I am making NUAV testbed public. You can now clone the repository and play with the testbed. Adil Raja

  • My Two Cents for the Separatists

    A few days ago, I saw a comment on a friend’s wall on facebook. It had stuff about provincial autonomy, injustice, inequality and separatism in

  • Improving the Website of Ubqari

    I have a nice idea for an FYP or a web development project. The idea is to upgrade or improve the website of Ubqari. In

  • Struct Contents Reference From a Non-Struct Array Object

    I had to get in touch with Mathworks viz a viz a problem concerning the passing of a Java object to various workers of the

  • The Effect of Robust Models on Hardware and Architecture

    This is quite funny indeed. I was looking for some writing aids on the web that I came across this really nice article generation tool

A one slide Tutorial!

I had to make a presentation on my work on GP. Just to explain the basic GP, I thought that maybe it’d better to make a small diagram. Clueless for a while on as to

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Hi all, it is almost evening here. And it persists like this for a while because the twilight zone is a bit bigger where I live. This a beautiful picture really and was shot by

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About Psyops

Hi all, So although the blog has been named psyops. It really hasn’t got to do with psyops. I just didnt have a good idea on as to how should I name my brain child

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The Entry!

Salam, I have been wondering since a long time now that there should be medium through which I could voice my thoughts to people with convenince. I think that I have found the place. And

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