• Puppy in Octave

    Almost two years ago, we started working on an idea to bring machine learning algorithms in languages and frameworks such as Octave and Matlab. The

  • GELAB is Published Work

    I posted quite a lot oabout libGE in the past. Finally I said that libGE goes to Mathworks. We renamed libGE to GELAB, as it is in Matlab.

  • Not So Cool!

    I can be a weird thinker at times. I have to spend considerable time in solitude. Solitude is better for me, even if I don’t

  • NUAV Testbed Is in Public Domain

    Hi all, Long time no see! I am making NUAV testbed public. You can now clone the repository and play with the testbed. Adil Raja

  • My Two Cents for the Separatists

    A few days ago, I saw a comment on a friend’s wall on facebook. It had stuff about provincial autonomy, injustice, inequality and separatism in

  • Improving the Website of Ubqari

    I have a nice idea for an FYP or a web development project. The idea is to upgrade or improve the website of Ubqari. In

  • Struct Contents Reference From a Non-Struct Array Object

    I had to get in touch with Mathworks viz a viz a problem concerning the passing of a Java object to various workers of the

  • The Effect of Robust Models on Hardware and Architecture

    This is quite funny indeed. I was looking for some writing aids on the web that I came across this really nice article generation tool

Code Listings for Latex

I wrote an article a few days back about writing a research paper. That became too long and I had to cut it short. However, it turns out that in as much as it had

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The Era of Blindness

The decade of 40s has a very special place in my consciousness. I personally think that it was in this decade that the humanity radically shifted its course of history. Before these years, humanity lived

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Evolution of Mona Lisa With Pablo Picasso’s Paintings

I remember I wrote about my presentation about the evolution of Mona Lisa at IBA, Sukkur. Recently, our article on the topic got published with IEEE. The title is Evolution of Mona Lisa with Pablo

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How to Write a Research Proposal

A long time ago, I wrote a post about how to write a research proposal. I am publishing its content here for your perusal. You can find the original article here. Basically, a research proposal

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How to Write a Research Paper

A few years back I wrote about how to write a research proposal and how to read a research paper. I wrote about these, respectively, because I was busy in writing research proposals and my

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Evolution of Mona Lisa

Recently, I had an opportunity to attend a conference. The conference, code named iCoMET, was held in IBA Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan. We presented our work about evolution of Mona Lisa using an evolutionary algorithm. The presentation

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A Tutorial on Simulating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

I remember I posted something about our work that got published on UAVs. Here is another article that got published recently. Since we’d been working in this area for quite some time, we thought about

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