Software Dovetailing

It is quite normal for senior graduating students to be looking for ideas for their final year projects (FYPs). Here is a nice idea that I would like to share. The idea is to write software for dovetailing two different applications with each other. Both of them could be entirely different. However, it may be possible to run one of them from the other depending on how efficiently dovetailing is done. Let me elaborate on this idea a little bit more by presenting software to be dovetailed.

ECJ is a well known evolutionary computing software that is written by Sean Luke at George Mason University. It is written entirely in Java. There is another sister project of ECJ that is MASON. MASON is for modeling mobile agents in an artificial environment. MASON dovetails very well with ECJ. This means that ECJ can be used to evolve agents for MASON which have reasonable intelligence in a meaningful sense to maneuver themselves in the MASON environment.

The idea is to closely inspect how MASON is dovetailed with ECJ. Once this is understood, the next thing to be done is to figured out that how some other software can be dovetailed with ECJ. In particular, it would be really nice to figure out a way to dovetail TORCS with ECJ. Similarly, it would be nice to figure out a dovetailing of UAV Playground with ECJ. This can be a nice FYP and is expected to have many benefits.

What is dovetailing by the way? The term merits some explanation. Dovetailing, as the name suggests, is to integrate two software together so that one runs the other.

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