Why Do We Like The West?

We do not only like to be in a Western country, we love to be in one. And there are other reasons to it apart from money, beauty, culture, art and all the liberty. Consider this for an example:

As a part of my application for a driving theory test in Denmark earlier in June this year, I had to appear for something that is known as to be able to drive on a slippery road. As a part of my rehearsals there I was supposed to take an interpreter for me who would help me in translating the instructions given on radio in Danish to English. This was mandatory as I had listed that I needed an interpreter as my Danish is not so good. At the nick of the time all the few friends I had talked to about this to go with me to the interview did not turn out for some odd reason. I finally had to go to the slippery ground alone. The instructors there did not agree to let me in without an interpreter and asked me to bring one by giving me a short span of time. After trying to call a few more acquaintances and failing I walked to a taxi standing nearby as a last hope. The taxi driver was not only very friendly but he was also extremely honest. And this came to me as no surprise. I told him about my problem and he started ringing all over to his friends to find me an interpreter. Eventually the person arranged for me a person who was Danish and also knew English. The person would not only charge a lot less than most other person and this is what that nice taxi driver explained to me how and why should he charge like this. Examples such as this are not few about Western friendliness and honesty, somethings which come for free most of the times. 

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