The Questions on top of the pile!

I have two very important questions, but I would like to go with the preamble first.

Given the current political upheaval in Pakistan, the US would be willing to deal with Sharifs as well, provided they play with the rules. An analysis about pakistani political options has been given as top stories today in Dawn. This is no surprise. As a matter of fact, US is somewhat fed up, tired and drained due to sustained warfare; it needs a break. There is an increasingly growing antiwar sentiment within the US as well; please read of the suicide epidemic. If this happens (that US packs up or soothes up its policy) it will give a lot of breathing air to Sharifs automatically: they pose to be right-wing Pakistanis, and US would be leaving for its own reasons, the latter may always be used by the Sharifs to create some kind of an epic about them.

1) Given this the most important question that should be asked from Sharifs is that what EXACTLY is their stance on relations with the US now and when they come to power. The decision boundary regarding this has been very foggy, this will turn out to be very intricate when the fog shed. However, the Sharifs should “educate” the people precisely as to what their view is about being anti-US or pro-US, from various vantage points, for I think that from deep inside Sharifs ARE pro-US. This is the most important question that stares any Pakistani politician i.e. How will they align their foreign policies with the WEST.

2) I have a very strong notion that the new recruits into the PML-N are once again completely inept donkeys. i) What are their criteria for distribution of tickets for elections. ii) how do they propose to bring about a democratic change with their donkeys given that an average army officer has a reasonably good BA from PMA, how do they propose to put the ARMY back to the barracks with their donkeys?

Adil Raja

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