On Negative Thinking!

It wasn’t the chemistry, it was the thought patterns, instead, that had had him bury his head in the hot sand of real-life for the past one decade. The doctor convinced him, through examples taken from his own mind, that it had to be straightened out, instead of the brain. This came as a very pleasant news for him after all. The Chemicals would now be replaced with exercises… mental exercises, as he was told, demonstrated and taught. “You will have to practice these exercises daily”, he’d said.

He’d developed a negative image of his apparently mal-functioning head since long, oblivious of the fact that it was not the brain that was faulty, instead, it was self-created perception that was wrong. Life had been very tough for him due to this. Despite the fact that he had enjoyed all the material luxuries one could afford, he had to struggle a lot. The stifling feeling that anything that may emanate from his mind may be inherently flawed, had affected his performance negatively. He had lived as if he had been trying to swim the river upstream. He had lately started figuring out that while (al most) half of his mind would function spontanelusly, the other half was always dedicated in monitoring the first half. This had snatched spontaniety and creativity of his collective mind significantly. Added to this was the misery that he had become dependent on chemicals to get rid of the side-effects of such a delapidated mindset. He wanted to get rid of this ever existing state of mind now. He no more wanted to live with a collective mind that was a mere captive of itself. He would rebel, he had decided, and get the things in the right order. And he was adamant. Thus, the new doctor.

“You will be very successful in life”, the doc would tell him convincingly time and again, “provided that you think positively.” He would tell these same lines to all of his patients, whispering hope and belief in their ears. As if all were mentally retarted. As if all suffered from the same disease. The deadliest disease, that plagued the mindsets of the whole human race i.e. negative thinking.

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