Healing With Meditation

While meditation has remained a source of spiritual enhancement and a solution of worldly problems since ever, modern science has also endorsed it as a cure for illnesses and diseases. After thousands of experiences “healing with meditation” is offered for the readers of Ubqari. While going to sleep, it is much better to perform ablution and to be clean and pure, otherwise in any situation, sit on the bed for ten minutes and recite Ya Allah-o, Ya Rehman-o, Ya Raheem-o, Ya Hayyu, Ya-Qayuum-o innumerable (preferably more than 500) times. Recite Durood Sharif 3 times before beginning and end and lie down on the bed. By keeping in mind the problem or illness that affects you, and you want it to end, imagine that from the sky a golden light is entering into my whole body through my head and is terminating my illness or solving my problem. And by the blessing of this wazifa  I have been redeemed of this problem completely. So much so that by persistent repetition of this imagination you go to sleep.In the beginning you will find it difficult to stretch this imagination. But after a while when the wonders of meditation will be revealed to you, the unique world of wonders and 100% cure of the problems will astonish you. Do not forget to write to us about your feelings, benefits and unique experiences after meditation. 

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