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I have been in to too many fascinating things over the last couple of days. This has kept me unusually busy over the weekend. The temptation to keep on so great that I had to abandon so may things. And the time elapsed very quickly. Actually from the moment I signed up with wealthy affiliate, I have had to read non-stop. Added to that was the temptation coupled with compulsion to act on what they had advised. That was mainly to create a website as a part of the learning process. Anyhow, I learnt many things that I never knew before. One of them is search engine optimization.

There is an e-book that you get for free as soon as you sign-up with the wealthy affiliate. I am not sure that at which stage you get it. But you surely get a prompt to download a free e-book for search engine optimization. The name of the book is SEO Tips: 5 Things Every WordPress Owner MUST Know. I am not quite sure how to get this book just like that, but I guess it should be downloadable from somewhere here. You may have to perform a search on it though. It is written by a person named Michael Torbet, who is the author of the “All in one SEO pack” plugin for WordPress. He is also the founder of Semper Plugins. Quite naturally I presume that he makes more plugins for WordPress in this company. In the book he gives valuable advice on as to how to write content for your website in a search engine friendly way. The book has topics ranging from tips for using meta tags to arrangement of keywords in the content. Overall it is a great thing to know the strategies search engines use to index and rank pages. The main emphasis is, however, on the content itself. This means that the content you write on your website, or wherever, should be good quality content. As the punchline goes, content is the meat!

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