The General Video Game AI Competition

I have been writing about the Simulated Drone Flying Championship lately. The idea in this was to employ machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to automatically evolve controllers for drone planes of various types. I got inspiration for this from the simulated car racing competition. Although, I believe that the ideas I pose are quite novel in the sense that, apart from the inspiration I took from the simulated car racing championship, everything I have written about it is uninspired.

However, a recent review of what is happening on the AI landscape reveals that both the simulated car racing and drone flying championships are not quite novel or intriguing anymore.

The prominent AI community has moved to another type of championship in which the idea is to evolve (or generate, or whatever) controllers using AI techniques that can play any game that is thrown at them. This is quite inspiring. The General Video Game AI Competition is all about that. It is hosted by GECCO, a renowned AI conference aimed at theory and applications of evolutionary algorithms.

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