Of Carpooling and Ridesharing

I have to travel somewhere right now. While I am trying to find ways to get there, all the options sound pretty bad. I can take a bus. But I have heard that the kind of buses that run here are quite bumpy. I can take a taxi, but that costs a lot. I have another option through which I can hire a car for a very low price. But that car is going to come back empty and its still going to cost me for a round trip. So I was thinking what could be a better way for traveling? Co Voiturage came to my mind. I remember when I was in France, friends used it to travel to different cities. I also tried to leverage from it once, but never quite managed to use it.

Covoiturage-libre.fr, le covoiturage gratuit et collaboratif

1ère plateforme de covoiturage gratuite et collaborative. Aucune commission sur les trajets. Association à but non lucratif. Depuis 2011.

Use the above site to travel all over France at very low prices. There are no middlemen involved in this. That’s exactly why it is so cheap. You can sign up as a driver or as a person who needs a ride. The app gets both the drivers and the travelers connected.

With so many cab hiring solutions popping up on the web every now and then such as Uber and Careem, traveling is becoming easier. However, such ridesharing solutions are missing in our country. It would be worthwhile to develop one.

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If you are looking for a rideshare, please find it below.

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