GELAB is Published Work

I posted quite a lot about libGE in the past. Finally, I said that libGE goes to Mathworks. We renamed libGE to GELAB, as it is in Matlab. We eventually wrote a research article about GELAB and it is published in lecture notes on artificial intelligence. Here is a link to the article.

GELAB – A Matlab Toolbox for Grammatical Evolution

In this paper, we present a Matlab version of libGE. libGE is a famous library for Grammatical Evolution (GE). GE was proposed initially in [1] as a tool for automatic programming. Ever since then,…

And here is a presentation about GELAB that is available on Youtube. I hope you like it.

There are quite a few projects I have in my mind about this wonderful tool. If you are willing to work on an interesting problem in machine learning, please get in touch.


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