Air Conditioning

I thought about this idea a long time ago when I was a university student. The idea was to air-condition beds, sleeping bags, small tents, or any other similar thing which has a small volume good enough for one person to sleep in. The next thing is to attach a duct and a pipe with the facility and to eventually connect it to a small air conditioner. The air conditioner will keep the facility cold for as long as it will run. The person who would sleep in it would have sweet dreams. 
Such an apparatus would have an additional advantage. Cooling a small volume of space is easier and cheaper to do than to cool a larger volume, such as that of a whole room. Thus, it can be highly cost effective. Similarly, the same air conditioner that may have cooled a single room that may have been hosting a couple of people can be used to supply cold air to a larger number of people sleeping in things like sleeping bags. This can be done by spreading a small pipeline. And such an air conditioning solution can be useful in countries with hot climate. Countries like Pakistan that are suffering from an acute electricity crisis can benefit a lot from such schemes.

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