Simulated Drone Flying Competition

drone photoIdeas crawl into minds like snails and fly away like pigeons. It is harder to conceive them and easier to forget them. It is even difficult to pursue them and work on them and much easier to chatter them away or simply bin them for good. Serious scientists and researcher can be extremely secretive and sneaky about their ideas. I have been doing research myself and I would never want to advertise my ideas till the time I have really worked on them through and sent my work away to be peer-reviewed and subsequently published. I have never wanted an idea of mine to be stolen before I have closed a major loop on it.

But sometimes it is better to share ideas than to hold them in the secrets vaults of your mind. This advice was given to me once by a close friend while working in a dramatic society. I had an idea for a script for a street play in my mind at that moment. I wanted to be secretive about it till the release of the play. However, my friend prohibited me from such a secrecy and told me that secrecy inhibits the process of creativity.

So today I am sharing an idea in this spirit. It has been in my mind for a few days and I wanted to write about before I forgot the details. So the idea is to design a simulated drone flying competition. I got this idea initially from the simulated car racing competition. I cannot reflect on why exactly I conceived this idea. However, one reason I can present with certainty was the necessity to have a way to design efficient, smart and human-competitive, self-coordinating, intelligent cooperative drones. In my point of view such drones should be present in real world as well as in artificial reality environments. And there should be ways to design, test and evolve such drones in simulators.

One of the ways to develop such technology is design a competition for drone planes. In this competitors may be solicited to submit novel designs of drones (or fleets of drones) that perform certain user specified tasks. As more and more people submit their designs, better models can be selected and kept, and bad one’s can be littered, and the process of designing nice drones can be made evolutionary.

Should I go over the complete details about the competition that I have in my mind? I have some really nice ideas in my mind that I would want to share. I have taken inspiration from the simulated car racing competition for these ideas. I would share a few of these in my next posts.

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

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