Letters of Recommendation

Wait! You are here probably because you are looking for a letter of recommendation from me. If that is the case please read through and act upon this. This is the only way of getting a letter from me fast.

Dear all,

   Many students meet me and we have a great time together. Just when I think that we are on the verge of developing a great friendship, the student speaks up that he needed a letter of recommendation from me. That sounds a little selfish, doesn’t it? But that is how the whole world is these days. Everyone is rushing to get somewhere. So why shouldn’t you become a part of this great rush? To help you succeed in this, I have uploaded a few samples of such letters on Archive. You can download them, read them and modify the one that suits your tastes. Write a letter realistically so that it reflects your situation. And then get it signed by me (You can email me your letter).

One thing you must remember is that there are definitely some preconditions that must be fulfilled before I give you such a letter. And those are that I must have known you in person to a reasonable extent. This is to say that we must have either worked together on a project or I must have supervised your thesis or I should have taught you a course in the past. Knowing your personality to some extent is very important for these letters to be true depictions of your persona. Otherwise, they would be sham and could lead all of us to great trouble. As far as I am concerned, I would simply deny having given you a letter if I really did not allow it. Getting my permission is important.



You can download the .docx versions of all of the above samples by clicking here.

In the end, I would like to assert that I really do not have time to tidy up a badly written and a badly formatted letter. Please do your best to come up to me with a letter that is already in the right order. Please note that the above samples look really good. They are very nicely formatted and the text alignment is justified and looks really cool. Actually, you would not have to make a lot of changes to the above templates apart from plugging in a little bit of your own content that rhymes well with your situation.

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