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I have been haunted, intrigued, enticed and inspired by integral transforms at various times in my life, and sometimes at the same time. I was onto Laplace transform a while ago. I heard a long time ago that they are useful for creating analog filters. Here I am archiving some online resources about this transform that is claimed to be beautiful, powerful and elegant.

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Introduction to the Laplace Transform

Following are excerpts on Laplace transform from a really nice book on signal processing written by Richard G. Lyons titled Understanding Digital Signal Processing. This is my favorite book on the subject, especially for a newbie. It is really worth buying and having in your personal library.

Following is a really nice tutorial on quadrature signals by Richard Lyons. I read it a long time ago when I desperately wanted to understand signal processing. The bad thing about the subject is that the complex numbers, complex plane, and fitting in of Euler’s identity do not really make any sense in the mind, especially if you are a little curious by nature and like to develop a profound understanding of the stuff you read. After reading this tutorial, a lot of signal¬†processing will begin to make considerable sense. Rather, I would recommend you to read this before you read any other stuff on the subject matter.



Following is a very nice MITx course about Laplace transform and its mysteries.

This is a really nice tutorial on the origin of Laplace transform by MIT professor Arthur Mattuck.

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