Smart Villages

“Smart cities” has become a buzz word these days. Plenty of conferences, workshops, and symposia are being held all over the world on this theme. The idea is to equip cities with all the technological advancements so as to enhance the human condition.

In Pakistan, cities are getting extremely over populated. People migrate from rural areas in pursuit of finding good work and decent wages. As a result, you can witness that almost every big city in Pakistan is over crowded. It is hard to find accommodation, decent schooling, a bed in a hospital. It is cumbersome to commute, and most of the times even to cross a road or to find a proper parking place for your vehicle. Pollution can be felt all around. Life becomes quite boring while living in such conditions.

Rural life, on the other hand, is quite neglected in our country. There are huge swathes of the rural landmass that are under populated. Similarly, people are deprived of basic amenities of life. The rural lifestyle has its own hues and colors in Pakistan. Efforts should be made to preserve pleasant aspects of it and at the same time to uplift the overall standard of living.

Among other things that can be done to meet these ends, it would be nice to overprovision our villages with clean drinking water, electricity, renewable energy systems and the Internet. This could do wonders for our rural areas. It will have benefits not only for the quality of life but also for work. Agriculture could benefit a great deal due to this. Similarly, people working in other feats may also benefit substantially.

Photo by Swami Stream

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