Neuroscience of Sneaky Behavior

My friend did the same thing again. I call it scanning. Luring people with a sweet smile requires some talent about public dealing. My friend has it all. He does that and gets you off guard. When you are least conscious, the scanning begins.

After meeting him and exchanging a few artificial gestures of good will and well-being, I started writing something on the board with a piece of chalk. Then I drew a few stars on the desk he was sitting on with the same chalk. I must have sung a few songs from an old Hindi movie. I try my best to charm my friend.

All of a sudden I found my friend scanning me again. He does this time and again. In the beginning, I used to find it discomforting. I presume that I am getting immune to this by the day. So what he does is that he monitors you with looks of disgust on his face. Those looks say a lot of other things. A disapproval of your whole being.

A few days back I was sitting in his room and looking out of the window. All of a sudden, I caught him scanning me again. I told him that I caught him red handed. A villainous feudal lord lurks behind his cherubic image that he has managed to project to his whole gamut of fans and followers. And he has plenty of fans of followers. All of them believe this by the core of their hearts that he is cherubic. There is nothing you can do to exhume the real person.

My friend believes that we are all idiots. All of us do not know this. They were all charmed a long time ago with smiles, gestures, courtesies, compliments, food, drinks, beverages, confectionaries, peanuts, promises that were kept and false promises about delivering all such things. They are still living under that spell. If mesmerism worked best on an empty stomach, my friend is the best mesmerizer. If it worked best on a heart devoid of company and attention, my friend knows how to bestow that at the right time.

My friend believes that we are all stupid. Everyone takes him as the most caring, compassionate, considerate, cozy and an intimate friend. Indeed, he is a friend in need is a friend indeed sort of a guy. But behind that friendliness lurks this sneaky lord, who begins scanning you behind your back. He’d look at you as if you were the most wretched person on the face of Earth.

I met him again yesterday. We sat together for a while. I was reassured again that I was the most adorable friend he’d ever had. I tend to be credulous about all such reaffirmations. But for how long?

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