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A friend posted a rather long status update on Facebook. People conceive ideas and they feel compelled to convey them to others. The irony of Facebook status updates is that even if they are taken seriously, they are ephemeral. After a while, they are lost due to the high flow rate of Facebook updates. I was of the view that such content should be archived through a blog at least. Here are my two cents.

 I think it is a sheer waste of content to be posting such stuff in Facebook status updates. This will be forgotten and lost in a short period of time. Serious and verbose content should always be pitched to a nice magazine or a blog.

He was of the view that it takes a lot of time and effort to write a blog. So I further wrote:

But, in the long run, you will figure out that you simply lost and even forgot so many good ideas. I think that another problem with ideas is that at the moment they are generated by our minds, we can have an emotional upheaval about them. We want people to listen to us, but the magnitude of peoples’ interest is not equivalent to how we feel about the idea. And in a matter of time, even our own interest in it decays. In a couple of days, we completely forget what we were ever thinking about. So writing such as blogging simply mummifies your thoughts.

Here is what he wrote by the way. Its got to do with women rights and stuff:

Men becoming offended at the posters of a women’s rally is not only extremely hypocritical but emphatically drives home the point the protesters were making. Our vocabularies are littered with words that try to denigrate other men through shaming the women they are related to, yet when a few women put up a placard calling for an end to the endless number of male genitalia pictures they receive, suddenly the vulgarity becomes too jarring for us to bear. The swear words that shame females are such a part of the vernacular that they have even evolved to become expressions of surprise, amazement and so on. Hence the sudden spike in the existence of men with clean vocabularies is hypocritical and shows different standards for women do exist

Why is it about the teams we choose, men vs women? Why can’t we simply listen to someone’s complaints and try to empathize with them, without feeling that being a man will somehow implicate us? Do women not get beaten up for cooking food improperly, for not cleaning the house properly? Do they not get subjected to marital rape in the bedroom? These are the issues that most Pakistani women face on a daily basis. Why do posters in a protest march offend us so much when we use female slurs so often that we have abbreviated them and use the initials now? It is not about men vs women and it is not about West vs Islam. It is about the victim vs the abuser, and Islam always stands with the victim, no matter their gender, religion, caste or creed.

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