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It is really not my type of a thing to be talking about guns, working with them or even wondering about them. I like to think about and work on projects that can improve the human condition in our society. And guns, as symbols of terror, don’t quite fit in this bracket. However, guns can have many positive uses as well. If you are not sure about why guns make a lot of sense in ordinary citizens’ hands, read this argument of Sam Harris about gun licensing.

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The security situation in Pakistan can be grim from time to time. Given this, a lot of companies hire security guards and gunmen to scare the hell out of any possible intruders and persona nonĀ grata. Mostly they succeed only at scaring ordinary citizens from day to day. After putting up this scary act for so long, they do not have much energy left to confront any serious terrorists. Think about the fact that in an ordinary enterprise, a security guard has to sit in a small cabin for the whole day to watch out for undesirable people. During the summer days of Pakistan, the small cabin functions like an oven. This kind of a living environment is deeply hazardous for the health and well-being of the watchman. But we only like to think in terms of the contract of the salary.

Having an Internet of Guns could be a good alternative for people seeking high security. You could have your guns mounted outdoors. Whereas your guard could sit in a computer cooler computer room from where they could detect unwanted intruders and bring them to justice. High profile companies opting for such solutions could be happier and might as well keep the computer rooms cooler not for the sake of their guards but at least for their computers. Yes, we value our computing machinery more than human life as we are an educated bunch.

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