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It takes a lot of talent, effort, and hard work to become a good software developer. Once you have mastered the feat, after a while, as in any other feat, the experience of software development can become boring as well. Moreover, if you have to write a lot of code, it can be overwhelming too.

A long time ago I came across tools that generate code through UML diagrams. Using such tools, you design the software using a computing tool with drag and drop features. Once you are done with the visual design, you could generate the corresponding code using clicks of a few buttons. I was wondering what is the state of the art right now.

The truth is that there is a whole bunch of tools and plugins available that integrate with famous IDEs like Netbeans and Eclipse. You simply have to drag and drop a visual design and they produce the corresponding skeleton code. The only job you are left with is to plumb the code together. Here are a few nice links.

Here is a nice video tutorial about using easyUML.

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Here is another nice UML plugin that works with earlier versions of Netbeans. It might not be very useful though.

How to Draw UML Diagrams in NetBeans?

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Here is a plugin that works with Eclipse.

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