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While JUnit was originally developed for unit testing, TestNG is useful for other types of tests such as integration tests. Learning or using TestNG is not difficult. If you’ve learned JUnit, mastering TestNG should be a trivial matter. In this article, I am gathering resources about TestNG that you might find useful.

First of all, please have a look at this tutorial. In my opinion, this is the best starting point.

TestNG Tutorial

TestNG Tutorial for Beginners – Learn TestNG in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Environment Setup, Test Framework, TestNG API, Writing Tests, Basic Annotations, Execution Procedure, Suite Test, Ignore Test, Time Test, Group Test, Exception Test, Dependency Test, Parameterized Test, Run JUnit tests, Test Results, Plug with ANT, and Plug with Eclipse.

The following link has a nice video that teaches how to use TestNG in Netbeans for automatic test case generation.

Video of Using TestNG in NetBeans IDE

Video of creating and debugging a TestNG test class in NetBeans IDE

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