Interfacing With FlightGear

FlightGear is a very nice but quite complicated tool. A very nice thing could be to be able to interface with FlightGear so as to be able to fully exploit its potential for research. This article has some links that can help the reader interface with FlightGear.

Telnet usage

FlightGear comes with an internal command server. This so called “telnet” server provides a “remote shell” (like a command prompt) into the running FlightGear process that can be used to inspect and modify runtime state, but also to run commands. FlightGear can be configured to act like a telnet or even an http “server”.


The multiplayer feature of FlightGear makes it possible to see other pilots and vice-versa. This makes it possible to fly in formation, perform mid-air refueling with tankers controlled by real people or contact real air traffic controllers to ask for guidance.

Property Tree/Web Server

It has been suggested that this article or section be merged into Property Tree Servers . Discuss this merge. This has been proposed since September 2020. This feature received significant updates in FlightGear 3.1+: While working on the new radio/atis implementation, Torsten rediscovered the internal httpd (aka webserver) to browse the property tree.

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