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I hope that everyone is fine. I also hope that the post-flood vacation ended happily for everyone. A couple of weeks ago I sent a research proposal for review. The research proposal was about studying epidemiology in agricultural systems.I met the concerned authorities after tha. I was given a very positive response and an assertive go ahead with a promise for research funding. I highly appreciate it, and I hope that the offer is still valid.

After that, I have had ample spare time that allowed my mind to wander. I have been thinking that although it would be very nice to study a problem as important as epidemiology, it would be much nicer if I could somehow come up with a priority list of the problems that are affecting our society, and that need to be treated more urgently than others. The truth is that there is a plethora of niches that affect us and all of them have more or less the same priority. Actually we are hit by problems so hard and so suddenly and frequently these days that we really begin to forget that we have a problem at all. I think that we already have a grave crisis in our country that is numbing our mental faculties.

Consider the problem of flooding that hit us recently. It really made us forget that we have a grave problem of electricity outages in our country. Similarly, the problem of electricity outages makes us oblivious of plenty of other problems that we should address.

Nonetheless, and to cut the long story short, I thought that perhaps it would be wiser to bring to your notice that what sort of problems I would like to address. I have been trying to conceive various problems and their solutions over the past some time. In order to reflect on my ideas formally, I have been writing various research proposals. I am writing the names and brief descriptions of the research proposals below. You can also find the corresponding pdfs attached as well. The purpose I am writing about them is that I would want to use some of the proposals to gather internal funding and others to grab funding from external sources. That is the hope at least. I suppose that it is important to reflect on them here so as to have an idea about their importance (if at all) and their relevance for the sort of funding intended.

Statement of Research Interests: Theory and Applications of Machine Learning.

My first research proposal is a general one and is about theory and applications of machine learning. This is also my primary research proposal. A good thing about this is that it has been thoroughly peer-reviewed by people I know. All of them are obviously researchers. The only objection raised to it is that it is a bit too long. But I think that this is not something to worry about. It might be especially useful for students. It might help them in figuring out about the gamut of research interests I have and to find that what they might like to do if they want to work with me.

 High Performance Computing for Artificial Intelligence Applied to Finance

The second research proposal I would like to share is about a hypothetical problem in financial modeling that could be solved using artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. I wrote this research proposal as part of my job application for EXAQIM research labs in Orleans, France. Unfortunately, I could not follow up properly on my job application at that time. This is something a job applicant has to be very careful about these days.

Theory and Applications of Hyper-Heuristics

This research proposal about theory and applications of hyper-heuristics is what I think that I would like to utilize for internal funding. The statement explains it all.

Optimization Problems in Renewable Energy Research

This is a very important research proposal and addresses a very critical niche of our society, namely, the energy crisis. I have cited some brilliant ideas in it and they are all well conceived. This research proposal could be particularly useful in addressing problems that NERC would like to address.

Problems in Designing Efficient Water Distribution Networks

The importance of adequate water distribution cannot be over-stated. Especially, given the recent floods we have had, it should be understandable that we have an acute, recurring water distribution problem that overwhelms us annually. Pakistan is either flooding or its people are starving with thirst due to shortage of clean water. This research proposal is written to address the problems related to water distribution in Pakistan.

Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and a Serene Society

This is a much cherished research proposal and is quite thorough. This highlights quite interesting ideas in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. I would preferably want to use it to grab funding from external resources. It is quite comprehensive and well elaborated.

Applications of Computer Science in Agricultural Systems

I wrote this research proposal in the spirit of addressing the rather dilapidated sector of our society. That is agriculture. The research proposal is quite thorough, but it does need some improvements. I hope to be able to evolve it to a stage where I could conveniently use it to grab funding.

Modeling of Epidemics in Agricultural Systems

This research proposal aims to study plant pathology and how epidemics spread in agricultural, horticultural and aqua-cultural systems.

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