As a Captive of the Present Moment

I wrote about the non-existence of time recently. You may wonder why this is such an important idea to write about, and that too in such a painstaking way to argue that time does not exist. You may as well rule it out as a philosopher’s ramblings. But the non-existence of time has important repercussions on not only how our Physics works, but on our life too.

Time, for one thing, is a cause of our emotional well-being. Our mental health can largely improve depending on how we perceive time. Much of our depressive and anxious states of mind are related to our notions of time. I read a long time ago that depression is caused while thinking about the past. Anxiety, on the other hand, is caused, while anxiety is caused while contemplating the future.

If we convince ourselves about the fact that time does not exist, it can change our view of past and future. Well simply, if time does not exist, then past and future also do not exist. And time does not exist! It is just a projection of our minds. This may not help to improve our past at all. Something that has happened to you in the past cannot be undone. But this inability to undoing the past would still prevail even if time did exist. You would simply not have been able to time-travel in the past to undo the undesirable events of the past. I wonder how that would have been possible. So non-existence of time can sound like a really bad idea especially if you somehow deeply want to change the past.

Due to the non-existence of time, you cannot change your future either. Reiterated, if time does not exist, the future does not exist either. And future really does not exist, it is just a projection of our minds. This can sound like a bad idea to anyone who is used to a lot of future planning. But let us try to see if this gives a sigh of relief to a person who worries too much about the future.

So if the future does not exist, all our worries and concerns about it are pointless. All we have is the present moment, and the concerns or plans that we have in our minds. Our concerns are simply pointless, as they are about something that really does not exist. Our plans can make sense as they are for something that may eventually arrive. And the future keeps on arriving moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour, day-by-day and year-by-year. It is just that in the present moment, it does not exist. So planning about it makes a lot of sense. However, worrying about it is pointless. Actually, it is something to worry about if you are not planning it at all. As someone said, if you don’t have a plan for yourself, then someone else has it for you. And that someone might as well be the future as well, that although does not exist but does unravel gradually.

And as it unravels, it can bring along with itself calamity, disaster and misfortune. In the present moment, you have no control over it. You can not even fathom what it will bring along with itself. It is also unwise to fret about it too. But if you are on a mountain top with impending winter, it is quite unscrupulous if you are not making all the plans to deal with the changing weather. You might want to plan to cope with the snowfall, try to make your home cozy, or even plan to roll down to plains. And the present moment is the right time to do all that planning.

And the present moment is all you have. if your body is intact, your mental faculties are functional, just enjoy the space that surrounds you, for that is all you have. And that may not last forever.

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