Developing an Echo Server

In this assignment, all of you are expected to develop an echo server by yourself. We have gone through the code snippets concerning an echo server and a client in the class. We shall be using the same pieces of code to develop this assignment. Much of this assignment depends on the contents we covered in the class as well as on the previous assignment. Its a pity if you have not completed the previous assignment.

Please take the following steps in order to complete this assignment. If you did the previous assignment concerning Makefiles, jump directly to step number 3. If you have not done it already, just do it!

  1. Fork the source code of the Echo server from here to your own account at Github.
  2. Clone it now to you own local machine.
  3. Develop the Echo server and the client applications now. You are free to take inspiration from the source code. But you are definitely not allowed to copy it verbatim. The idea in doing this assignment is to get familiar with client server programming using sockets.

If you have trouble understanding anything, please have a look at this article titled, How to Make an Echo Server.

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