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Following is a list of my publications.


Evolution of Mona Lisa with Pablo Picasso’s paintings – IEEE Conference Publication

In recent years, design of artistic artifacts using machine learning (ML) techniques has become a major feat. Artificial creation of artistic artifacts inv

A tutorial on simulating unmanned aerial vehicles – IEEE Conference Publication

This paper presents our reflections about our recent, intense involvement with the simulation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our idea was to integrate

Evolving Technical Trading Strategies Using Genetic Algorithms: A Case About Pakistan Stock Exchange

Finding optimum trading strategies that maximize profit has been a human desire since the inception of the first stock market. Many techniques have been employed ever since to accomplish this goal…

On Losses, Pauses, Jumps, and the Wideband E-Model – IEEE Journals & Magazine

There is an increasing interest in upgrading the E-Model, a parametric tool for speech quality estimation, to the wideband and super-wideband contexts. The

NUAV – a testbed for developing autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – IEEE Conference Publication

Contemporary models of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are largely developed using simulators. In a typical scheme, a flight simulator is dovetailed with a

Simulators as Drivers of Cutting Edge Research – IEEE Conference Publication

Undertaking engineering research can be compounding for beginning graduate students and thwarting even for seasoned researchers. With a wealth of academic

Evolutionary speech quality estimation in VoIP
A Methodology for Deriving VoIP Equipment Impairment Factors for a Mixed NB/WB Context

Real-Time, Non-intrusive Speech Quality Estimation: A Signal-Based Mod
Real-Time, Non-intrusive Evaluation of VoIP

VoIP speech quality estimation in a mixed context with genetic programming

An Evolutionary Approach to Speech Quality Estimation

Real-Time Non-Intrusive VoIP Evaluation Using Second Generation Network Processor
Non-intrusive quality evaluation of VoIP using genetic programming


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